Domerama Features Simple Hexayurt Instructions

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Anyone considering building a hexayurt and wondering if they have the time and skills might want to take a look at a recent article at Domerama is a site the features simple, do it yourself solutions for sheltler building. You can see their take on the hexayurt by clicking here.  


Ready For More Than A Hexayurt? Take A Look At Tetra Shed

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While not intended for the same sort of temporary use as a hexayurt, and certainly not intended as a do it yourself project, The Tetra Shed would appear to employ some of the same design principles as the hexayurt and is something that focuses on the long term temporary shelter needs. You can learn more […]


Bi-Directional Filament Tape In Detail

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Bi-directional filament tape is the approved tape for constructing and seaming hexayurt panels. 5.1 mil thick Polypropolene tape with fiberglass reinforcing filaments woven at right angles 220 lb tensile strength in both directions Clear synthetic rubber adhesive 3 inch neutral core Accept no substitutes.  


The Road To Burning Man Starts Here

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It is the time of year when we begin to see a little activity in bi-filament tape related to hexayurt construction.  This won’t peak until mid-summer, but a few anti-procrastinators are getting started on yurt construction. If you are considering building your first hexayurt or giving some thought to upgrading to “this year’s model”, then […]


The Hexayurt As A Work Of Art

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We’re not sure how we overlooked this January 2012 posting, but it is still worth a look. posted an article with photos of a hexayurt on display at the Winchester School of Art in England. The hexayurt was constructed by Vinay Gupta, its original designer, working with fine art students at the school. Click […]


Blip TV Adds Hexayurt Channel

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Online video aggregator Blip TV has created a channel with lots of videos about hexayurts. It’s called “The Hexayurt Project” and the content there presents a much broader picture of what hexayurts are all about than the “how to” videos found on YouTube. Click here to see the Blip content.  


Tips On Handling Bi-Filament Tape

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Bi-filament tape is expensive and a little extra care when handling it will insure that you don’t waste a single inch. 1. Never let the tape contact itself sticky side to sticky side. This product has a very high adhesion factor (stickiness) and if the sticky sides of two pieces make contact, it will create […]


This Kite Will Fly

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Hexayurt master builder Julie Danger uses the concept of kites when describing how to hinge roof panels using the “Danger Hinge” technique. Open up your Facebook page and take a look. The link is here.  


Handy Tape Calculation Spread Sheet

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Wondering how much tape you’ll need to complete your hexayurt? Appropedia has a handy spread sheet in Excel format that you can download. It is on this page. You can also open it as a Google doc if you don’t have Excel.    


Hexayurt Building Season Heads For Its Peak

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It seems that the first week or two of August is peak hexayurt building season if you’re going to Burning Man, and those who got an early start have lots of good information to share with those who are just getting their build in gear. Jason S. shares these timesavers and random lessons with the […]