White Bifilament Tape-Gone But Not Forgotten

White Bifilament tape from GoodBuyGuys.com

When we received our first shipment of bi-filament tape for 2018 we were more than a little surprised. The clear tape product that we had sold since 2010 was now white.

The difference was pretty drastic between the clear and the white tape, and we contacted the converter immediately, assuming that they had made a mistake in filling our order.

It wasn’t a mistake. The manufacturer (an Italian company) had changed the pigment in the tape and white tape would be all that was available for those building hexayurts in 2018.

The importer/converter that supplied us with the tape assured us that the performance specs of the white tape were identical to the clear and that users would see no difference in performance.

They were wrong, and more than a few of you let us know how wrong they were. We heard of multiple tape failures on hexayurts in use and it was clear that the misinformation we received was causing problems for a lot of builders.

The white tape has now been replaced with the original clear formula and our tests, to date, show that performance is what we had seen earlier with the clear tape we sold prior to 2017.

Everything we will be stocking for the 2019 season is the clear formula and it is available now.

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