A New Way To Navigate-What 3 Words

what3words logo

A British company has created a new navigation app that could revolutionize how you navigate Black Rock City this year.

It’s called what3words and it is going to dramatically change how people get around.

This company, aware that lots of places don’t have specific address, has divided the entire globe into 7 trillion 3 meter squares and given every one of those locations a three word address. Every address is unique to just that location.

Every city, every country, the entire oceans around the world now have addresses for every 10′ x 10′ square.

Imagine, instead of trying to describe where you want to meet someone on the other side of the playa, you can just give them a 3 word location that can be used with Google Maps or Waze to guide you directly to the correct location.

Right now, I am writing this post from lean.promises.homeward. That is not the address of my office building. It is the address of the actual office where I am sitting.

Streaming.furnace.smarter is the unique address for a single 3 square meter location in Black Rock City. No more trying to find someone in the “third hexayurt to the left”.

Give it a try before you leave home for Nevada. It can make getting around much, much easier.