Cutting Bi-fil Tape Can Be Tricky

Tape cutter for bi-filament tape

Bi-filament tape is made to be tough, and that means that it can be tough to cut. Before starting to cut pieces of tape for building a hexayurt, it is good to take a minute to study the tape.

Because this tape has fiberglass filaments running in both directions, it is essential that you completely cut through the tape before trying to separate a piece from the roll. If any filaments running in either direction are not cut, the tape tends to curl and wrap around itself. Once that happens, it is almost impossible to straighten out the piece you just cut.

Our favorite cutting tool is an inexpensive box cutter-you can get them at any hardware of stationery store. Because this knife has snap off tips, it is easy to get a new, sharp cutting surface once your cutter starts to get covered with adhesive residue. Because you can extend the blade for several inches beyond the body, you can make precise cuts that are just deep enough to cut the tape without damaging your foam you are cutting tape that has already been applied to foam board.

Make sure that your knife has a locking blade. This is an essential safety feature.