Time To Re-tape? Here Are Some Tips

The panels used to make a hexayurt can last for years if they are carefully cared for, but after a few seasons, the tape used to make the joints of the hexayurt is going to fail. It is not designed for long term exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions, and dust dries out the adhesive.

The secret to re-taping is to make sure that you are applying the tape to a clean, dry, dust-free surface. Remove the old tape carefully (the backing will come off easily) and then remove the dried adhesive.

First try a mild solution of vinegar and warm water. Work it in carefully. If this does not completely remove the dried adhesive, apply a little acetone and work it in to the adhesive residue.

Once the adhesive is removed, completely dry the area to be taped and brush away any remaining tape residue.

Once you have completed the replacing of the bi-filament tape, cover the tape that will be subjected to sun light with aluminum tape.

Now you are ready for another 3-4 years using your hexayurt.