Why Use Foil Tape on your Hexayurt?

The standard tape to use when building a hexayurt is the fiberglass-reinforced bi filament tape in the 6″ width. This same tape is also available in a 3″ width, and for many parts of the hexayurt the 3″ works quite well. It is easier to manage than the 6″, and half the price. But lately we’ve been seeing a lot of burners order the foil tape in addition to the bi-filament.

So what is so great about theĀ foil tape? It is coated with an aggressive adhesive, and the malleable foil conforms well to irregular surfaces. The acrylic adhesive stands up to high desert tempatures, and the shiny foil is great for heat dissipation and reflection. Additionally, this tape provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to your hexayurt.

Why else would you want to use it on your hexayurt? This tape works so well at deflecting sun and heat that most people use it as a protecting layer over the bi-filament tape. A few have tried using it instead of the bi-filament, because it is a little more price-friendly, but unfortunately it does not hold up as well to gouges and tears, and is structurally not as good as the bi-filament. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it’s simply not the strongest option.

Another benefit to the foil tape is fire protection. The bi-filament tape is extremely flammable, and when exposed to just a few seconds of open flame it can ignite. The foil tape, on the other hand, isn’t nearly that flammable, and can work to protect your hexayurt a little better from any burning accidents.

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