Why Tensile Strength Matters To A Hexayurt Builder

specs for bi-filament tape from thetapeworks.comTape specifications can be difficult to understand, and since bi-filament tape was not actually designed for hexayurt construction, many of the specs for this product are not really relevant if you are building a yurt.

One spec that really does matter is something called “tensile strength“.

The 220 lb tensile strength (also referred to as ultimate tensile strenght or UTS) of ATP bi-filament tape is a measure of the amount of force necessary to break the tape.  Since the reinforcing threads in bi-filament tape run in both directions, this tensile strength number is valid no matter which direction the tape is pulled.

The tensile strength of ATP FIL835  bi-filament tape is  50{dfacd82af96baef04c89176bd0b4426c4bfd9768ce570d699716ce87e54c8731} greater than 3M 8959, the tape that is normally considered to be the bi-filament gold standard in the adhesive tape industry.

You can be confident that a tape with a 220 lb tensile strength can stand up to anything a week on the Playa can throw at it.


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