The Hexayurt As “Open Source”

Computer softwareThe concept of open source software development gets more and more play, as better and better programs and applications become available through collaborative efforts.

The idea that no one “owns” a piece of software and that anyone can take someone’s prior work and modify it, improve it or make it more applicable for a specific application has dramatically changed how we look at computer use over the last decade.

The ongoing development of the hexayurt can be thought of in much the same way.

While we all credit Vinay Gupta with the invention of this innovative shelter, his choice to give it to the world, has meant that it has evolved much more quickly and seen much more innovative improvements than could have ever been done by one owner or one small, closed group.

This article in Boing Boing is a great examination of how this sort of open source development can serve any refugee community that finds itself in need of temporary shelter on a large scale.