Re-Taping Time? This Will Make The Job Easier

camie adhesive remover from goodbuyguys.comRegrettably, bi-filament tape is not uv protected and is not designed to stand up to long term exposure to sunlight. That means, that for most builders, re-using a hexayurt from year to year requires re-taping of the seams.

It is a tedious project, made more difficult by the need to remove the dried out tape adhesive that does not come off with the tape when it is removed.

The best product we have found for this project is an adhesive cleaner called Camie 22/80. A single 15 OZ. can is more than enough to clean an entire hexayurt.

Best of all, it is safe to use, has a pleasant citrus smell and contains no ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons.



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