Playa Staples? That’s Where You Get Copier Paper At Burning Man, Right

staplerA big part of getting through Burning Man with your hexayurt intact is making sure that it can stand up to strong winds. That IS going to happen.

While the most common way to anchor a yurt to the ground is a rebar stake, something called a Playa Staple is definitely a better mousetrap.

Getting it into the ground, keeping it in place and getting it out of the ground when you are ready is much easier with a staple than with a piece of rebar.

These pieces of forged steel are in a curved, dual pointed shape, much like a giant paper staple. You can easily drive them into the ground with a hamper and they can be removed with any reasonably strong lever (hammer handle?).

While they are more expensive to purchase than rebar, they will last a lifetime.

Here’s a link to one source of a time tested staple design.