How Does Hexayurt Tape Compare To 3M 8959?

six inch bifilament tape from buytape.comOne of the most common questions we get is about the difference between our bifilament tape and 3M Scotch 8959. For many years, the standard for bifilament tape was the 3M product and purchasers are skeptical (rightly so) about the quality of our offering (Made by Adhesive Tape Products) when compared to the 3M version of bifilament tape.

Their skepticism usually centers on price, since 3M 8959 is so much more expensive than what we sell.

Here is a comparison chart showing specifications of both products side by side.

                                    ATP Fil-835B/D                                           3M Scotch 8959

Thickness                           5.1 mil                                                                  5.7 mil

Adhesion to steel                 91 oz/inch                                                           100 oz/inch

Backing                              Polyporpylene                                                        Polypropylene

Tensile Strength-                  220 LB/IN                                                             150 LB/In
Tensile Strength-                  220 LB/IN                                                             50 LB/IN
Filaments                             Fiberglass yarn                                                      Fiberglass yarn

Adhesive                             Synthetic Rubber                                                    Synthetic Rubber

Elongation                           6{dfacd82af96baef04c89176bd0b4426c4bfd9768ce570d699716ce87e54c8731}                                                                         6{dfacd82af96baef04c89176bd0b4426c4bfd9768ce570d699716ce87e54c8731}

Country of Origin                  Italy                                                                        US

Cost-144 mil                       $29.99                                                                    ?

(nominal 6 IN x 60 YD)

In the specs that matter the most to hexayurt builders, the 3M product is slightly stickier, but the ATP tape is much stronger.  Both use the same typeof adhesive and they both stretch the same amount.

When it comes to price, there is no comparison.



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