Hexayurt Building Season Heads For Its Peak

hexayurt construction crane from buytape.comIt seems that the first week or two of August is peak hexayurt building season if you’re going to Burning Man, and those who got an early start have lots of good information to share with those who are just getting their build in gear.

Jason S. shares these timesavers and random lessons with the Google hexayurt group.

Pre-cut all the foil tape lengths for the edges at length + 1 inch (ie: 49″, 97″, etc) – it’s much faster than measuring as you go
If you’re protecting the bifiliment tape from UV (highly recommended) put the two strips of foil tape on immediately after you place the bifiliment
When using 3″ foil tape to protect 6″ bifiliment be very sure that you overlap the centers where they meet – otherwise the UV will burn a line right through the center
Use a Sawzall with small teeth for the cuts (everything is sweetened by a little danger)

Random lessons:
Tuff-R and Super Tuff-R are not available in California (per Dow it is cost prohibitive to ship them to the West coast)
Home Depot had the best prices on R-Max – pre-check your boards to make sure they are not overly warped or damaged
Do all foam board cutting at the beginning
If you want to fold your creation into an 8×4 space the extra 2′ panels cannot be taped to the walls until the playa
Don’t worry about the 2×8 hinges mimicing the 8x4s – you can flip them over to match loose or wide
For the 2×8 wall additions make sure that the uncut (straightest) edge is taped to the 8x4s – the cut sides go towards the sky and ground
Remember that logo (inside) is always taped first and never looser than the foil (outside) edges
Don’t forget music

Thanks, Jason!


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