Hexayurt Tape Dimensions

Hexayurt Tape Dimension Information

Why is my 6 Inch hexayurt tape not 6 inches wide?

Bidirectional filament tape (like almost all pressure sensitive tapes) is manufactured to a metric standard but sold in imperial standards.

This means that a roll of tape that is advertised as 6 inches wide is actually 144 millimeters wide, meaning that it is sligihtly narrower than a full 6 inches.

This standard is used in the making of almost all tapes, including common 2 inch duct tape, which is not really two inches wide.

Oddly enough, while the width is measured in a metric standard (millimeters), the length uses imperial standards and a 60 yard long roll of tape is actually 60 yards long.

The migration to the metric width standard happened about ten years ago in the adhesive-backed tape industry and allowed manufacturers to implement what was essentially an “invisible” price increase.

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