Hexayurt Building Discussion

Hexayurts at Burning Man Vinay Gupta introduces the hexayurt
Hexayurt Construction Checklist Wiki checklist with everything you need for a hexayurt
Detailed Hexayurt Discussion Everything you ever wanted to know about hexayurts
Hexayurt Google Group Ongoing discussion of all things hexayurt
Hexayurt Anchors Construction of hexayurt tape anchors
Google Groups Discussion join the discussion about hexayurt building
Camp Danger Folding Hexayurt Instructions Details on building a folding hexayurt
flickr.com post your hexayurt pictures here
wikipedia.org how to make a hexayurt
make magazine housing initiative for disaster relief
buckminster fuller biographical info about geodesic dome inventor
tribes.net hexayurt discussion focused on burning man
hexayurt videos videos about hexayurts
vinya gupta interview interview with the head of the hexayurt project
new hexayurt design sketch detailed drawings for an insulated hexayurt
hexayurts under construction dynamic map of hexayurts being built. add yours!
hexayurt model build a cardboard hexayurt model-here’s how

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