White Hexayurt Tape-Gone But Not Forgotten

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We were not alone in our skepticism when we opened our first bi-filament tape shipment for the 2018. It was white and we were confused.

We made a quick call to our converter (the company that had supplied us with hexayurt tape for almost ten years), and they assured us that the specs of the tape were identical to what we had sold in the past (clear adhesive).

In addition to saying that there should be no change in tape performance, we were also told that because this tape was an import (It is made in Italy), it was too late to get tape with clear adhesive. If we wanted to serve the market we had worked with for years, we would have to offer them the white version of the tape.

Multiple reports from our customers and customers who used other distributors made it clear that the white version of the tape was not performing up to spec, sometimes with seriously problematic results.

We know that there were failures while yurts were in use at Burning Man 2019. We apologize for being part of a system that delivered an inferior product and we regret not being more skeptical when we first received the white version of the tape. We let down good customers and they have the right to hold us accountable.

We have received a recent shipment of clear tape and have been assured that the converter would no longer be shipping tape with white pigment.

The tape we have now appears identical to what we offered up until 2018, and our own tests seem to confirm that this tape performs much better than the tape with the white pigment.

We don’t live in the desert and we can’t subject the tape to the kind of extreme conditions that one might experience at Burning Man.

We can confirm, however, that while the white tape begins to fail within a week when applied to foil backed insulation and left outside in the direct sun, the clear tape is still holding after three weeks.

We’ll post more when we have more results.

Everything we are now stocking is fresh for 2019 and has the clear adhesive.